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decluttering... solo l'essenziale

Yes, I did change the blog layout... again!. I was getting tired of the polka dots and all the gadgets so I went for something really really simple this time. I am quite sure this layout will last longer. Well, we'll see. I still need to fix the photos from the photobucket mishap of a few months ago, but will do that soon. Will fix the freebies page first, and maybe add a few smalls too. And now, let's get down to business. I have been working on the small sampler by LHN dedicated to Autumn. Such a pretty design, and the silks are so smooth. Also, in the background is another pretty little project which is part of another LHN called Traveling stitcher. A project-bag-to-be. :)

Si, ho cambiato lo stile del blog... di nuovo! Ero stufa dei pois e di tutti i gadgets e avevo voglia di qualcosa di più essenziale. Sono abbastanza sicura che questo stile durerà più a lungo. Almeno credo! Devo ancora sistemare il problema delle foto dopo la disavventura con photobucket di qualche mese f…

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